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Judge Us By The Company We Keep


From drive train components and axle shafts to braking and suspension systems products, we supply vital equipment that keeps the commercial trucking industry – and the goods that keep America going - on the move.


Widely used in chemical, petrochemical and petroleum applications to separate and analyze volatile compounds, our products are an essential element in the field of gas chromatography.

Electrical & Environmental:

Smyth County Machine provides an integral part of heavy duty turbines used in power generation. Additionally, we assist in protecting the environment by manufacturing components for SCR catalysts, which are designed to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from coal, oil and gas power plants.

Military & Defense:

We are proud to help protect those who protect our freedom. Whether the need is for sophisticated F-15 & F-16 guidance equipment or mobile shelters for radar and missile tracking or medical applications, customers in the military sector know they can depend on us for machine service quality that is second to none.

Medical Imaging:

We provide component parts for high-quality film digitizers used in a variety of clinical applications, including the remote primary diagnosis, mammography, orthopedic surgery, teleradiology and oncology treatment markets.

Consumer Products:

Smyth County Machine provides manufacturing services to a variety of industries producing consumer products. We support production systems and/or supply components for recreational vehicles, water parks, commercial and residential material handling, fuel tanks, OTR trailers and home improvement products, just to name a few.